Anonymous: If you do a tutorial abt how to make a gif using the new version of iMovie i'll love you forever, more than I already do lol <3

HAHAH I’ll see what I can do :) 

7 months ago

Anonymous: tumblr icons actually are 128 x 128 to make them their best quality

yep, I’ve heard that. Thanks for the info anon! 

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Anonymous: photoshop si puó scaricare sul mac?

si, è un po’ più complicato rispetto a windows però si può si 

7 months ago

Anonymous: ciao ti volevo chiedere come si fanno I fotomontaggi su photoshop?

dipende da cosa intendi tu per fotomontaggi, ci sono un sacco di tipi di fotomontaggio diversi. se mi linki un esempio posso aiutarti meglio :)

7 months ago

Anonymous: how many followers do you have?

I have some followers ^^

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Anonymous: any chance you can photoshop a picture for me?

I don’t photoshop pictures for other people, I make tutorials so that they can understand how to photoshop their own pics :)

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Anonymous: hello, i have cs6 and im trying to do your topaz keygan tutorial but the key core thing you mentioned isnt showing. any advice?

come off anon if you want the key for topaz clean 

1 year ago

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For everybody who asked, the new link to download Photoshop cs5 is in my FAQ. You will need to sign up in order to download it but it’s free, so don’t worry :) The links should work and it should not contain virus. If it does, let me know and I’ll search another one :)

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Anonymous: actually, americans can be threatened by their service providers if they catch you torrenting. some ISPs are more lenient, but americans have to be careful about torrenting, after a couple of written warnings, your ISP might cut your internet out. in other places, like europe, there is no such thing and you're free to torrent as much as you want, but if you live in the US i suggest you stop torrenting after the 1st warning letter you get, if you get it, that is. fines are the last step

oh okay, I did not know that. Thanks for letting us know

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Anonymous: ciao, ti volevo chiedere se per caso potevi aiutarmi con le gif ! Ho un problema a postarle qui su tumblr: non riesco a capire come vanno caricati i photoset con più di una gif. Mi spiego meglio: quando voglio postare un photoset di 2 gif, larghe per esempio 245 px, una volte uppate tumblr le 'ingrandisce' automaticamente a 500 px e le mette una sotto l'altra piuttosto che affiancate e della dimensione giusta. Puoi aiutarmi? Grazie mille !

Devi spostare la gif a destra/sinistra e ti apparirà una specie di linea. Quando ti appare vuol dire che sei riuscita a spostare la gif e vedrai che tornerà alle dimensioni normali :)

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